Kilner Breakfast Jar Set


The Kilner® 0.35 Litre Breakfast Jar Set is a unique way to store and enjoy foods such as yoghurt, cereal and overnight oats whether at home or on-the-go. Included in the set is a Kilner® 0.35 Litre Wide Mouth Glass Jar which comes with a unique stainless steel lid that doubles as a measuring cup for better portion control. This set also includes a stainless steel spoon, silicone spoon holder and airtight sealing disc which makes this set perfect for storing and transporting.

Included in the gift box, is a step by step booklet which includes how to instructions and recipes.

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The set contains:
1 x 0.35 Litre Kilner® Wide Mouth Jar
1 x Stainless Steel Spoon
1 x Silicone Spoon Holder
1 x Airtight Silicone Sealing Disc
1 x Recipe Booklet

Kilner® is dedicated to using sustainable and durable materials. Kilner® glass is 100% kerb side recyclable and is the safest and best option for storing food and drink.

Dishwasher safe. Metal components to be washed and dried by hand.


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