We can’t believe its the last day of September 2021! Where has the time gone? And what a crazy time it has been!

We’ll be honest, our website hasn’t been getting as much love & attention as it deserves, but with our doors back open, and things (slowly) returning to normal, it’s hard to keep up these days.

Over the past few months, like most sectors, retail has been challenging ; as we face shortages, shipping hikes, import charges & everything else in between – but you, our loyal customers have been ever so kind & understanding, and it has been so wonderful to have our doors back open & to see people back in our store again.

We’re hoping & praying the latter part of this year will be as normal, and we look forward to our annual October sale & the opening of our Christmas Store.

We promise we won’t leave it so long the next time to check in, but as always, a huge THANK YOU to you, for supporting our small business and making it all worthwhile